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March 2021

Started by a lone feminist activist in Paris, the feminist collage movement has spread across countries and continents to give women around the world a way to make their voices heard. These women fight to be seen -- one collage at a time.

This film is an award-winning film in the ConnectHER Film Festival 2021. It has also been featured on BBC News and their various social media platforms.


November 2019

Amongst the secluded farmlands of Singapore, Veterinarian Venisri Prithivi Raj lives and breathes wildlife rescue. With her job as her priority, she makes personal sacrifices to care for the animals.


October 2019

Built in 1933, for anyone arriving in Singapore, Clifford Pier was often the first thing they laid eyes on. Walking through the glitzy, art deco-style building today, you could never guess that Clifford Pier once served as the landing point for immigrants, celebrities, and even royalty. Repurposed as a posh new restaurant, Clifford Pier continues to tell the stories of Singapore's past through food. 


September 2019

In a team of 4, we were each given one aspect of the One North Science Festival to cover. We were only allowed to use our mobile phones to capture this story. This news clip highlights the importance of different sciences working together to produce positive outcomes.